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A typical flight would include a full safety briefing. Because of certain weight and height limitations on the operational ejection seats we will have to be selective. Most military jet fighters were not built for people over 6ft tall and weighing in excess of 200lbs.

The take off is exhilarating and very fast, followed by a steep climb and turn over the sea. We then head North past Noosa Heads to Double Island Point, at the end of Teerwah beach.

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The aircraft is air conditioned and surprisingly quiet in the cockpit. Because you are sitting next to the Pilot you can communicate easily and watch any actions.

You will be allowed to fly the aircraft and experience the wonderful, light and sensitive controls, and the limitless freedom of flight. Aerobatic manoeuvers can be attempted and to roll the aircraft all you have to do is put the stick to the left or right.

This aircraft can sustain G forces up to seven times your own weight but most aerobatics can be accomplished with a maximum of 4G. If G loading is not to your liking more gentle actions can be planned.

We can then carry out a military style attack on a target followed by a vertical pull up. Some low level flying over the sea, land and beaches and speeds up to 1150 kilometers per hour. This is probably the most enjoyable part but because of the extremely high fuel consumption is limited in time.

We then return for a landing using the brake parachute to help slow us down.



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