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Adventure Flight 22 Oct - Adventure Flight
Successful flight for Warana Youth Festival of Arts winner donated by Hunter Flight

Details :
Comments made by our passenger: How exhilarating it was to take my first 'Hunter Flight'. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling of the G forces building and the sheer thrill of speeding over the water and beach-scape while flying at low level. Dave made the whole process feel completely safe due to his vast experience and obvious flying skills. It was also marvelous to spend a few hours with a group of people who have such a passion for what they do and the professional way they imparted something of the history of the Hunter. That helped to make the experience a totally enjoyable one. I will be highly recommending the flight to anyone who is interested in doing something special for once in their lives.

Entry date : 2005-10-30 06:22:02

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