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Successful Flight - Adventure Flight
Flight on 1st October 2005 with Norman Walsh
Accomplished Oct 1 2005

Details :
I last flew with Sqn Ldr Norman Walsh in Vampire T11 410 on 19 May 1965. Over 40 years ago Sqn Ldr Norman Walsh, Commanding Officer No 1 Squadron RRAF Hunters was my instructor for a Pilot Attack Instuctor Course. Today we flew together again in our beautiful Hunter. The flight was absolutely fantastic and made us feel young again, bringing back many memories. Norman flew most of the 30 minute sortie and showed that he had lost very little of his affinity and skill with this wonderful aircraft. We carried out aerobatics, mock attacks on ground targets and low flying. The aircraft behaved perfectly and we had a magic day which I will remember for ever. Whoopee !!

Entry date : 2005-10-02 07:49:55

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