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Queensland International Air Show - Air Show
Air Show routine a success.
Commenced Jul 15 2005
Completed Jul 18 2005

Details :
We flew up to Bundaberg from Maroochydore on Friday 15 July. That afternoon a practice short display was carried out to familiarise with the local area. We then flew a display on Saturday 16 July. Due to the speed restrictions placed on us by CASA I had to use the speed brake to keep slowing down. The display on Sunday 17 July was better as my skills improved and I became more familiar with the local area. We wore out a set of tyres on the short, rough and bumpy runway, with a crosswind all weekend. On Monday we flew back to Maroochydore taking 12 minutes for the trip. Altogether a wonderful weekend and successful debut for this fantastic aircraft. This was mainly due to the wonderful team of engineers and the lady organisers that did a tremendous job.

Entry date : 2005-08-04 13:23:35

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